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Episerver CMS 11 certification roadmap

I recently (23.03.2019) passed the Episerver CMS 11 certification and decided to share some information about some of the important areas whilst the exam is still fresh in my mind. I am hoping this could be of use for people taking the test in the near future. In case you would not pass the test, you are eligible to retake the exam after 21 days. As an exam tip, I recommend writing down whatever you remember from the test so you can prepare for a retake if needed. As far as I remember, I got at least mostly the same questions both times. 

About the Episerver CMS 11 certification test

Total number of questions: 84 (single/multiple choice questions)
Passing criteria: Minimum 60% (51 correct answers needed)

The exam is divided into these sections/groups:

- Creating websites in Episerver CMS 
- Advanced concepts
- Content models
- Product knowledge
- Installation, operation and configuration

Now some questions I remember being asked. These are a bit vague and on a broad spectrum, but will definitely give you some insight and direction as to what to focus on when preparing.

- Creating an html link from a property of type ContentReference
- What does editordescriptor do?
- Advantages of IContentRepository over DataFactory? Also read about IContentRepository.Save
- How to make a model property as required?
- You want to support on page edit. What html helper should you use and should you use tags?
- How to create container pages? Do you need views/templates?
- How and where ImageEditor presets are defined?
- Episerver Forms is supported in which CMS version? No questions related to XForms.
- How to encrypt Episerver Forms in Azure keyvaults?
- Programatically publishing project items.
- Projects. How to enable/disable Projects feature?
- What Addons are supported in DXC and what Addons not supported?
- Detailed error messages for specific users? I think from "Permissions for functions"
- Multisite websites. Can they have their own/same database/recycle bin/root/start page?
- On premise deployments. Additional steps for securing the CMS interfaces? Separate content authoring server?
- What validator is not provided by epi cms? Range/truefalse/stringlength/something else?
- DXC service backups. How often backups are created for DB, blobs, transactional db backups, Web App? Data retention policy?
- DXC service failover. What happens to content, logging, event messages? Are they geo-replicated?
- DXC service deployments. And which environment supports continuous integration? Possible to use Jenkins/Octopus with preprod?
- Breaking changes when upgrading to CMS 11
- How do you store user specific information? Which class lets you do that?
- Web.config caching configuration for dynamically generated content, blocks, media assets and static files
- How do you get available languages for the current page?
- How often visitor group criteria are evaluated?
- What does internal namespace notion means?
- Episerver CacheManager vs HttpRuntime Cache
- Search functionality with language stemming (some coding questions)
- How to find out if a user has read/write access to current page?
- Internal links, external links, pages hosted on different server
- Localization of editorial interface and how it is done and where translations are stored?
- Object cache, browser cache, output cache
- Virtual roles configuration and things related to IsInRole and replacePrinicpal setting in web.config
- Which contents can be personalized for visitor groups and how it is done and is there a limit of how many visitor groups can be linked to a single block?
- How to programmatically manage cached objects. Which class lets you do that
- How to increase performance of block controller?
- Use of partial router when loading external content
- What does Link Validation schedule job do?
- Can epi scheduled jobs be run manually? If ran manually, will it affect the next schedule date/time?
- Is epi scheduled jobs linked with windows task scheduler?
- PlugIn attribute and how to activate it
- How to set additional values when publishing contents
- How would you (programatically) know if notification messages in a channel are read or not?
- Gadgets. Where can gadgets be added? In what CMS interfaces? Edit/Admin/Dashboard?
- Gadgets. What attributes are needed and what client framework is used?
- Restartable jobs. How many max number of times the job automatically starts? And also read about ScheduledPlugin attribute
- In what user context scheduled jobs are run?
- Alternatives of Dynamic data store?
- Using Asp.Net identity membership as authentication mode and steps for implementing it
- Overriding Models default values and their preferences through SetDefaultValues method and administrative interface.
- Saving the content and starting content approval sequence
- How to check if block type is of a certain type. Find out all the possible ways.
- Which framework/tool is used to create custom editor in CMS?
- A/B testing conversion goals and IKPi interface and when user creates a test what methods are called?
- A/B testing, how site stickiness conversion is counted?
- A/B testing, how winners are determined?
- How many licenses are required for Episerver CMS, Epi Commerce, Google Analytics and A/B testing for multisite setup on single server?
- Where are Episerver forms stored? Where are the its definition stored?
- Can blocks be nested? Can they have public url or can they be translated?
- Using Angular to manipulate the DOM and data-attributes used there
- Projects feature. Are they enabled by default? Possible to disable it? How?

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